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The 20th Annual UAMTE Conference
will be held


Utah State University - Tooele

March 21, 2020

8 AM to 2 PM

Our Keynote Speaker will be

Dr. Marilyn Carlson

Arizona State University

You can register for the conference at the following link

Our annual conference is typically held in March every year. It is a one day conference with time for colleagues to share their current work as well as time for working groups to discuss statewide issues that are of current interest.

Previous Conferences

Keynote Speaker

2020 March 21 Utah State University-Tooele Marilyn Carlson
2019 March 30 University of Utah Erica Litke
2018 April 7 Brigham Young University Martin Simon
2017 March 25 Brigham Young University Wendy Sanchez
2016 February 20 Utah Valley University Andy Norton
2015 March 7 Brigham Young University Eric Knuth
2014 March 1 Brigham Young University Ed Silver
2013 March 2 University of Utah Janine Remillard
2012 March 3 Utah Valley University Barbara Reys
2011 March 5 Brigham Young University Zalman Usiskin
2010 March 6 Utah State University Bob Heal
2009 February 14 University of Utah Bill McCallum
2008 February 23 Utah Valley University Beth Herbel-Eisenmann
2007 April 21 Westminster College  
2006 February 25 Brigham Young University Randy Philipp
2005 February 26 Weber State University Denise Mewborn
2004 February 28 Center City School (Salt Lake) Catherine Lewis
2003 February 22 Brigham Young University Terry Wood
2002 March 2 Utah Valley State College Keith Devlin
2001 March 16 Brigham Young University LIbby Krussel